Dermatology billing services that can help correct your billing blemishes!

Dermatologists, unlike most health care professionals from other specialties, have to face the pressure of producing immediate and visible results. The ambiguous and complicated insurance paper work involved can be another headache that refuses to go away, as there is a fine line demarcating dermatologic procedures from cosmetic surgeries.

To avoid common billing errors that can take its toll on the financial health of your practice, opt for our low cost and highly efficient dermatologist medical billing services.

3 key features of our dermatology billing services that can ensure quick and regular insurance reimbursement!

  • We assign exact preliminary and technical codes for all procedures and submit prompt and appropriate bundled and unbundled CPT codes.
  • We can integrate our dermatology coding services with all EMR applications and dermatology specific EMR systems such as NexTech, Greenway EMR for dermatologists, Meditouch, eclinicalworks, eMds etc and any and every software or EMR you use.
  • We offer medical billing services for all dermatology, dermapathology, plastic surgery, skin oncology, cosmetic , and, essentially for all procedures and surgeries.

If you are worried about data security and affordability; here's why you shouldn't!

isource understands that a tiny leak or mishandling of medical data can lead to a huge backlash and loss of revenue for any practice. That is why we are the trusted services provider of dermatology clinics, dermatology hospitals and single physician practices, because we lay emphasis on the security of your data as much as you do.

We follow all the norms and regulations of the health informatics industry for the obtaining and transmitting of medical data. isource is a HIPAA 5010 compliant services provider.

Now for our next promise or rather commitment. We are committed to providing our clients cost effective and thoroughly transparent prices, to create and cement a lasting working relationship.

Give us a call anytime at 1888 571 9069, for swift, dependable and low cost dermatology billing services.