The perfect prescription for your practice!

Does a long list of insurance receivables stalk and threaten you every time you walk into your medical practice? Is collecting your outstanding medical bills taking up more time than you’d want to spend your time and resources on? It is time you fought the demon in the closet! offer medical billing and collection services medical billing and collection services that is the perfect solution for your practice, any angle you look at it!

Our medical collection process and why it works!

  • Upon analyzing the reason for delay we,
    • a. Contact the insurance provider and follow up on the claim on a daily basis.
    • b. If your insurance claims are rejected we forward the medical records to our denial management team.
  • A claim may be rejected due to insufficient medical documentation, incorrect information, medical bill not received or irregular correspondence with the insurance provider. We rectify these problems and provide practice specific services by
    1. Providing the requested  additional medical documents promptly
    2. Correcting coding, billing or patient information errors in your insurance claim and reverting with the corrected claim to the insurance provider within 24 hours.
    3. We transmit the claim immediately to the insurer and follow up the claim till its processed and you receive your payment,
    4. We work 24x7 and communicate with the concerned provider promptly and regularly on an everyday basis.  

The advantage we have as a medical collection agency!

iSource scores over other collection agents by offering medical billing and collection services that are in line with all HIPAA and HL7 regulations. We’ve worked as part of our revenue recovery services with all leading insurance providers and have their numbers in speed dial.

The major upside of working closely, over the years with insurers is that we have an insider’s knowledge of the insurance process and specifications followed by various insurance providers. And can thus assure you of a swift and efficient medical collection process that is all that you need to run your practice on an even keel.

For time and cost saving medical billing and collection process call 1-877-272-1572