Five major medical billing FAQ of all medical care providers and our answers to them!

1. Am I assured of quicker insurance payments?

At Medicaltranscriptionsservice we follow a medical billing process that focuses primarily on collecting your insurance receivables on time. We guarantee quicker checks by

  • Assigning different and specialized teams for handling the major processes in the medical billing cycle such as the medical coding process, charge entry process, transmission of claims and following up on outstanding AR.
  • Communicating with insurance providers and providing promptly, any additional medical data needed to process your claims.
  • Working 24x7 and always there for all your medical billing needs.

2. Are you well versed and up to date with the electronic claims submission process?

Yes, we are. We can, generate and submit, timely and accurate electronic claims to insurance providers. We are proficient and have expertise in working with electronic claims forms used and accepted by insurance providers, such as UB 04, HIPAA 5010. We also work quickly to ensure that you don't miss out on your claims submission deadlines. We also offer a state and specialty specific electronic claims submission process.

3. Do I need to be tech savvy to work with you?

The answer is thankfully, no. It is easy to work with us and you don't have to invest in expensive servers or software applications. We have a technical support team who can co ordinate and communicate with you and we can set up an individual, password protected secure FTP account for your medical practice and can also establish a VPN platform upon request, for the transmittance of medical data.

4. What is the volume of work you accept for medical billing services?

Medicaltranscriptionsservice has the team and infrastructure to handle, support and offer medical billing services that is highly scalable and client centric. We provide specialized medical billing packages for small scale medical practices and multi specialty hospitals.

5. Can I be guaranteed of HIPAA compliance and security for my medical data?

Our data security measures cover a lot of ground. We ensure complete informational and physical security of your data by

  • Providing, encrypted passwords and authorized thoroughly monitored medical billing data access.
  • Adhering to HIPAA regulations and all international standards for the usage and transmittance for healthcare billing records

And for that one medical billing FAQ that is uppermost on everybody's minds, we are within your means and budget and offer the most affordable medical coding and billing services and are quite simply put, the best bargain in the market!

If you have a meidcal billing FAQ, that we havent addressed you can contact us anytime at 1-877-272-1572. We are waiting for your call.