Critical care billing and coding services that can increase your revenue!

Emergency departments or critical care unit's work under tremendous pressure, and iSource offers medical coding and billing services that can help you take a break from the daily grind and the challenges you face. We understand that timely reimbursement is critical to your critical care practice and offer 24x7 critical care medical billing services.

Four reasons why your medical practice is healthier working with us!

1. We do a lot of groundwork so you don't have to!

Critical care coding is a task that requires and demands precision. There are specific sets of critical care CPT codes to be assigned based on the age of the patient, and the time spent on providing medical care. We cross verify every detail of the patient's face sheet and the medical chart of the physician, and get all the facts right as exact details translates into quicker checks.

2. We follow all critical care coding and billing guidelines

iSource offers medical billing services that are in line with all the guidelines followed and practiced for coding and billing critical care services. We keep an ear to the ground and adhere to all the billing regulations issued by CMS. We follow all the ground rules of OPPS, while coding for out patient services and our well versed with Transmittal 1548.

3. Take the backseat and relax

We can steer your practice on the road to quicker insurance receivables without changing the way you work. Our critical care billing services can work closely with the other departments of your organization, and are a part of your team and workflow the minute we come on board.

4. Your bank balance and data security are in safe hands

iSource is HIPAA and HL7 compliant and offers turn key security solutions for your medical billing data. A trained technical taskforce is assigned to safeguard your medical data and we guarantee cutting edge and complete data security measures.

We are low priced and the best medical billing option if you are on a tight budget. Our critical care coding and billing services are just what the doctor ordered for a hassle free and profitable critical care coding and billing services.

Call us anytime at 1-888 571-9069. We are there for all your billing needs 24x7