Documenting Electronic Health Records for Chiro QuickCharts® Chiropractic Software,
ECLIPSE Practice Management Software, MediNotes e Rx

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Documenting narrations for healthcare facilities at a cost of just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters

Documenting Medical Records Using Quickcharts Chiropractic Software

Quickcharts Chiropractic Software is an easy to use EMR application with an uncomplicated execution and easy navigation processes. The Chiropractic practice demands speed, better SOAP note documentation and less paperwork from the Chiropractic Software because most of the chiropractors feel that note-taking requirements are more strict all the time.

Most of the Chiropractic Software applications have messy layouts and unplanned pages with unnecessarily large amount of words. Quickcharts Chiropractic Software creates eminent SOAP notes in seconds without any paper usage. Eclipse is an EHR application with CCHIT certification in accordance with ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 guidelines. The software is widely used in chiropractic practices and Physical therapies. Multi-faceted documentation facilities in the software enable the user to create SOAP notes and pack it into a password protected PDF document.

iSource’s collaboration with Quickcharts Chiropractic Software

Quickcharts Chiropractic Software, Eclipse EHR application and MediNotes e Rx is now partnered with iSource to provide medical transcription services to its valuable clients. We invite all the Health care facilities and Chiropractic practices those have opted for Quickcharts Chiropractic Software, Eclipse EHR application and MediNotes e Rx for their medical transcription requirements to associate with us to get their documentation needs fulfilled. We understand that the practice of medicine is intricate and we assure you of the best service ever possible with efficient workforce and outstanding track record in the field.

Factors that decelerate the implementation of EMR applications

The major barriers in the implementation of EMR are the costs involved in the purchase and maintenance of the software, doctor's contention in learning the technology and the increase in related workforce. After the introduction of EMR and EHR applications, physicians are under great pressure than ever before, because physicians have to not only guarantee the best quality of health care to the patients at an affordable cost but also follow and maintain the regulatory rules in documenting the medical records and other billing tasks. This has actually come as an addition to their existing jobs and they find it difficult to cope up with the current situation. To share these heavy burden physicians can outsource their additional tasks of documenting their narrations to a specialized vendor and focus on providing improved health care to their patients. In this process the Health care organizations have the additional benefit of saving huge costs spent on wages and maintenance.

Cost advantage in outsourcing documenting processes

Let us discuss the costs involved in the process in a detailed manner. The average wage of a professionally certified medical transcriber ranges from $14 to $15 per hour. The additional costs of Hardware and software ads up to this making it all the more big, costing the Health care facility 33¢ to 39¢ to document a 65 character line. We provide you the best quality of documentation for the medical transcription process with a stunning cost of 9¢ to 10¢ to document a line. This vast difference can save a good amount of dollars for the health care facilities annually.

Why you get if Isource is your Medical Transcription vendor?

We offer our medical transcription services through the Virtual Private Network connectivity with the EMR or EHR application that is in use by the Health care facility. The IT division of the Health care facility enables the login access for our medical transcriptionists for documenting the narrations and the dictations of the physicians. This method ensures a restricted and limited flow of data to the vendor. The entire transcription suit adheres to HL7 message regulations and we follow a 128 bit SSL encryption platform for the data transmission process. By this way of VPN (Virtual Private Network) connectivity, the patient's healthcare record resides within the hospital or Health care facility, which is one of the mandatory HIPAA regulations. Another important advantage is the TAT that we provide; the data is available 24X7X365. The turn-around-time (TAT) taken by us to document the narrations is 12 hours. The STAT reports are processed in 2/4/6/8 hours.



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