Documenting Electronic Health Records for DuxWare Practice Management Software

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Documenting narrations for healthcare facilities at a cost of just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters

Duxware EMR/PM Applications

Duxware developed by medical practice software Inc is one of the finest health care software makers in the world. The firm lends its services to the health care offices since 1991. The products of Duxware include Duxware advanced practice management software, Duxware premium practice management and Duxware lite. Duxware developed these products to suit big, medium and small size medical practices.

The products vary in their over-all functions and their prices. Additional and other extended functions decorate the premium edition of Duxware to maintain the health records of the patients electronically. Duxware products comply with the HL7 standards. This proves that Duxware observes the HIPAA code of conduct with diligence.

iSource and Duxware

iSource is a leader in the health care solution provider’s market with more than hundred percent happy customers. iSource is also known for its use of technology in its health care industry based solutions. One such break-through in the technology is the seamless integration technology. iSource’s partnership with Multinational companies and its transparent business agreements have made iSource, a trustworthy partner among the business masses. iSource’s partnership has shown an epic growth in the past years solely through partner referrals. We achieve such glory only through our mutually beneficial business relationships. We are willing to prove the same for Duxware software Users/vendors. We are open to have partnerships with you.

Bridging iSource and Duxware

iSource’s evangelists’ years of toil and research has bore a fruit called as seamless Integration. It is a method to communicate with installed software or a web based EMR/EHR software. We connect to all software that complies with HL7 standards. This connectivity may kindle suspicions with regards to security of the medical facility’s data (patient health records) but we assure security in every aspect of our technology. Isource demonstrates a healthy practice of HIPAA rules and regulations. We connect to your software using the VPN (Virtual Private Network). The VPN connectivity requires prior permission from the software vendor or the user. On establishing a successful connection with the software, data transfers occur between the medical facility and iSource. These machine transfers are highly encrypted through SSL encryption technique. On successful connection our transcriber with their restricted access only to the doctor’s dictation gathers the file and starts transcribing. iSource medical billing/coding specialists acquire the transcript from the medical transcriptionist and the process of feeding data into to the fields in the forms/templates of the Duxware products is initiated. Our medical billers/coders with their cross-platform training and their untainted experience in handling variety of EMR software help them to make the entry flawless. The billers and coders identify the patient records by using the UPI (Unique patient Identifier code).

Seamless Integration Advantage

Let your doctors/nurses/attendants stick to their respective job roles and let us help you automate the EHR process. Every technology or process we use complies with HIPAA thereby providing a meaningful use of EHR. The partnership would be more of an outsourcing method which would cut down the expenses of maintaining an in-house medical transcription/billing/coding team to 70%. With this seamless integration advantage iSource can offer its services to almost every available medical facility in the corner of the world.

iSource’s Tailor Made TAT Advantage

iSource has variety of TAT plans specific for the needy clients. The best deal in TAT is the 12 hour advantage. In this plan if the physician provides his dictation on the patient encounters by the end of the work hours, iSource works as your medical billing/coding wing by using its own infra and manpower. Since iSource is compatible in working in all time zones the team converts the dictation into a transcript and converts the transcript to an EHR. This EHR is ready for review by the doctor during the next working hours. This gives every medical practice an edge over the time. The TAT is tailor made in iSource to fit the need of our clients as we are keen in delivering the product at the specified time.

Any Time Support

iSource works round the clock so that we available to all those who need our services. The customer support specialists are available 24 hrs a day to assist you with every query you have. To avail our services and to find the answers to your queries call us at our toll free number 1-877-272-1572.

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